Implementing a 5g network on limesdr

hi guys,

i was just wondering and i merely wanted to know.

is it possible to implement a 5G network using the limesdr,… would the sdr be able to handle a 5G network?

and if it is possible, how do i go about it?

5G is a broad term and this is a bit like asking β€œCan you do cloud with this server?”

You could certainly run services that might come under the 5G umbrella using an LTE (4G) air interface. If you actually mean the 5G NR air interface, then again the question is still a little vague. This is split into two frequency ranges and so FR2 (mmWave) would be out for a start. And then do you mean a 50, 100, 200 or 400MHz carrier?


The 5th generation (5G) of mobile networks provides a new RAT (NR) Radio Access Technology and the 3GPP is leading standardisation with Release 15 (5G phase 1 which is non-standalone NSA so the 4G can coexist) and Release 16 (5G phase 2) which provides the standalone (SA) mode.

The NR can run FDD and TDD channels up to 100 MHz BW (channel bandwidth) in the frequency range 1 (FR1) which includes many frequency bands below 6 GHz i.e. n41, n77, n78.

My understanding is that the LimeSDR-Mini can manage channels up to 120MHz BW and I believe SISO (single input 1Rx - single output 1Tx) is included in the 5G Releases so probably we may drive the LimeSDR-Mini with powerful processors in future and build our own gNodeB. Constraints may apply :wink:

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