How to write the code for BPSK/QPSK into FPGA module?

Hi, i am new to limeSDR and SDR communication … So that i am feeling some difficulties to understand the programming and using of Limesuite for signal transmission . I wanted to transmit a BPSK/QPSK signal with more than Mbps speed. can you please help me to write the code by providing some example?

You wouldn’t use Lime Suite as such for this — it just provides a set of driver APIs. So one way you might do this is in GNU Radio, using the gr-osmosdr source/sink blocks for the LimeSDR hardware. Doing this you would look for GNU Radio BPSK/QPSK examples, which as provided may be configured for other hardware and you’d just modify them to use LimeSDR as sink for transmit.

Thank you sir, Can i use LimeSDR mini for the same application ? I am thinking to transmit the signal within the range 2.2 to 2.4 GHz/

Yes, although I only just realised the title mentioned FPGA module. If possible I would leave the FPGA design as it is and use GNU Radio, or some other software framework, to implement your system.

sure. thank you so much …