How to visualize Rx data?


Can any one tell me how can I view Rx waveform from my custom code in the same way as in LimeSuite GUI FFT viewer? My code is continuously running and I would like to visualize the Rx data.

Answer is in program name: run FFT direct function using your data. You do not need to process all data, depend on desired FPS rate select appropriate samples number.

Can you please point out where this actually is? File name or PATH in LimeSuite folder or Repo. Thanks


After quick look StreamingLoop function is receiving and process data (perform FFT for display).

There are are also several driver infrastructure such as Soapy on which to build the device interface. Or even GnuRadio has many display widgets (fft, waterfall, scope, etc).

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Any ideas please!!?

Take look for fft here:

SdrGlut using Soapy and works great even with remoteā€¦
TX option exist but not tested on my side with Lime NET micro