How to use Wireshark with LimeSDR


Does anyone have a working build to use limeSDR with Wireshark? Is this integration actually really simple and I am missing something? How do I click to make this work?

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Your question is missing a key piece of information. The big bit that you left out is what protocol you want to try to process with Wireshark.

Is it MPEG2 transport stream, or WiFi, or ZigBee, or something else ?

Wireshark is a binary protocol analyser. So before Wireshark can do anything you need a raw demodulated binary bitstream in a format that Wireshark can process.

A LimeSDR captures RF signals and converts them into an IQ steam, which is still a modulated signal, or multiple modulated signals.

So the piece you are missing is the demodulation of a raw IQ datastream into a format that Wireshark can analyse. And that demodulation will be totally different, depending on the protocol. My starting point would be to look through possible gnuradio recipes ( ) and etcetera ( ) to see if someone has done something that I could use to output maybe a UDP stream. But if the demodulation is niche or new, you may have to create your own.

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That’s a great response. Thank you.

So to build this in linux, I would need to install limesuite drivers, use the osmoSDR block with GNURadio, demod whatever signal to a UDP sink(?), and finally pipe that demod UDP bitstream into wireshark?

I would like to demod GSM data, but I don’t think that gr-gsm uses soapy api. I am still learning how to piece together the actual demod block transport streams. have any good examples or can you point me the right direction?


if limesdr is correctlly installed , it must work with gr-gsm . Gr-gsm is based on osmosdr . Tests can be made with osmo_fft or gnu companion

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You asked about GSM on Linux, but I may have an example you can learn from for the the Wireshark interface at least using GnuRadio/RFtap. On Git Hub I have a simple example that shows using a Lime SDR to connect IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee to Wireshark using RFtap on Gnu Radio. It works amazingly well. Using a basic dipole I have to crank up the rf/if gain and turn town the BB gain, but once you get it dialed in the packets com in like magic. In Wireshark it is easy to add a packet dissector to parse the payload data or use the built-in ZigBee example. I have this working on a Mac/OSX. My next step will be to move this to the Lime/GnuRadio driver.