How to transmit signal without timestamps?

Hi everyone,

I want to transmit a continuous streaming without using timestamps. For do this, I am modifying the dualRXTX.cpp with setting the parameter “tx_metadata.waitForTimestamp” to “false”, as shown bellow:

lms_stream_meta_t tx_metadata; //Use metadata for additional control over sample send function behavior
tx_metadata.flushPartialPacket = false; //do not force sending of incomplete packet
tx_metadata.waitForTimestamp = false; //Enable synchronization to HW timestamp

When I run the C++ code, I visualize only the LO signal in the spectrum analyzer. It means that the signal is not been transmitted.

In another situation when I set a timeStamp with another value, greater than the number of TX samples, I can visualize the signal. When the timestamp is igual the TX samples, the samples is not transmmited. In true, I really don’t know well how the timestamp works in this system.

Note: I am using the LimePCIe board and the Ubuntu 16.04.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

here are my notes about how I disabled timestamps in LimeSuite. I found that using timestamps when transmitting over USB 2.0 was not working.

make the following changes in limesuite/src/protocols/Streamer.cpp

  1. change
    fpga->WriteRegister(0x0008, mode | smpl_width);
  2. to
    fpga->WriteRegister(0x0008, mode | smpl_width | 0x0200);
  3. recompile and install