How to make grgsm_scanner work?

Hello. I got my LimeSDR two days ago and were able to configure it to work with GNU Radio.
livemon.grc is working for me and I can also sniff IMSI numbers. But I have problems with “grgsm_scanner” it halfly work.
Command I tried:

sudo python -u ./grgsm_scanner -s SAMPLES --args=driver=lime,soapy=0

I tried different bands and samples - 10M, 20M, 24M, 30M.

It’s give me some information with 10M, but it’s less then a half of information, thats my bladerf gives me, How can I fix this?

Also it works quit unstable(all leds become green and the programm doesn’t output anything)and continue to light even after the program stop working.

any help?

Perhaps contact the developer(s)? That’s where I’d start if other things work but one app does not and I were stuck for ideas.

It’s show me half of the normal output. I think that the problem is in my lime, because low adc always show 0 MHz

hey, where u able to fix that ?

sorry. If it’s still actual: there are 2 ways for now:

  1. Use old code from git (two commits before last)
  2. Use latest sources from osmocom

There is now a fork that uses the gr-limesdr source/sink blocks instead of gr-osomosdr.

We’re looking into getting this support upstream. Also, there may still be some tweaks required, so would be interested to hear how you get on.

grgsm_scanner doesn’t work for me at all. grgsm_livemon have no changes. I added lime sink by myself (I set freq and add serial number) it seems that grgsm_livemon also doesn’ work correctly for me. I made a quick test on limesdr-mini. Maybe I didn’t make some setup in lime sink (normaly I use osmosdr).

Thanks for trying this out. grgsm_livemon has not been updated.

@IgnasJ any suggestions regarding grgsm_scanner?

Any updates? grgsm_scanner output stuck after “stream setup done.”

Device number 0 from the list is used.
Reference clock 30.72 MHz

INFO: device_handler::enable_channels(): SISO CH0 set for device number 0.
INFO: device_handler::set_samp_rate(): set sampling rate: 2 MS/s.
INFO: device_handler::set_rf_freq(): RF frequency set [RX]: 925.9 MHz.
RX LPF configured
INFO: device_handler::set_analog_filter(): INFO: device_handler::set_gain(): set gain [RX] CH0: 24 dB.
Using Volk machine: avx2_64_mmx_orc
INFO: source_impl::init_stream(): source channel 0 (device nr. 0) stream setup done.

The version in the fork on GitLab should work provided you have gr-limesdr installed.