How to improve improve Gain of signal?

Dear All
I dualRxTx example i transmit 2.1ghz signal and also modify the code for gain i.e i changed ‘LMS_SetNormalizedGain(device, LMS_CH_TX, 0, 0.4)’. from0.4 to 1.0 and also used TX1_1 port gain increased from -37dbm to -20.1dbm which is quite impressive now i want to improve more gain value what else should i change in code to increase the gain. I know there are other option like use LNA, Power amplifier but i want to increase gain value from code

Do you see same signal level on both channels (TX1_1 and TX2_1)? Going from gain setting 0.4 to 1.0 should give you larger increase in gain (~32-35 dB). I tried running dualRxTx on my setup and at 0.4 signal level on spectrum analyzer is about -40 dBm while at 1.0 it is about -6 dBm.
There are no other options that could significantly increase gain.

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I have changed frequency from 1ghz to 2ghz at 2ghz frequency and at 0.4 gain output frequency gain is -37db and when changed gain to 1.0 then gain is -20db