How to get a continue transmition for PLUTO-SDR by SoapySDR

I programmed a transmition application for PLUTO-SDR using SoapySDR. I got mtu=1024 for PLUTO-SDR by following code:
mtu = device->getStreamMTU(stream);
I have to use while loop to send long IQ data, as following:
void buffs[] = {sample_addr+cum_len2};
ret = device->writeStream(stream, buffs, len, flags);
cum_len += ret;
unfortunatelly, the signal of transmition is discontinuous. Would someone tell me how to send long IQ data with continue signal??
Thanks a lot!

You snippet does not print correctly on my machine, but apparently it is Ok.

The PLUTO works with SdrGlut - if you are having problems, you could try the sdrglut-users group. Here are some of the threads -

This is not a MyriadRF project and you are much more likely to get better support if you post in the relevant community forums.

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simpleTXNBFM.cpp is a soapySDR program that transmits a WAV file as NBFM. It is about the simplest soapySDR program possible. It has been tested with the HackRF One and the BladeRF xA5 and should work with the PLUTO-SDR and any other soapy supported transmitter.