How to change the frequency of MCK1 and MCLK2 except CLKGEN settings

Hello all,
I want to change the frequency of Mclk1 and Mclk2 on the pad. I know we can change the CLK_H and CLKH_OV_CTRL to reach my aim. except these ways, Are there any others ways to change the frequency of MCLK1 & 2?

I tried to change the HBD ratio on the RXTSP( pls refer to the following screemshot), but no effect.

Could you pls tell me the relationship between MCLK1(orMCLK2) and reference clock? some documents are appreciated.
@Zydrunas Tamosevicius

Hello Zack,
Could you pls help me to answer it? thanks!

@Zydrunas Tamosevicius