How to achieve 60 MHz occupied bandwidth in the analog domain?


Can any one help me with this. I am trying to generate a signal that can occupy 60 MHz bandwidth in the analog domain i.e. I want to see an envelope in the spectrum analyzer that occupies this bandwidth with center frequency of 2.4 Ghz. What are the methods I can use to achieve this on Lime-SDR and what settings do I have to make accordingly.

I tried generating a test signal using TSG and setting the DAC rate to 120MHz (30MHz x 4 interpolation) but I always see a single tone on the spectrum analyzer occupying a 4MHz bandwidth only at a power level of around 5dBm. Ideally I want the same power but spread across the 60MHz bandwidth. I am not sure if this power requirement is achievable without any external amplifiers. I will appreciate if I can get an answer to the achieve this bandwidth requirement.

I tried frequency hopping but that was too slow since the PLL requires 150 usec to settle down.

Sorry but I am new to the SDR field so please bear with me. Thanks