How many channels can Pothos-based LoRa Receive/Demux simultaneously?


I saw this SDR video and thought that a single flow chart was developed to demo/demux the LoRa signal, so can 8 or ten separate flows be handled or one?

LoRa modem with LimeSDR By Josh Blum 10th June, 2016
LoRa modem with LimeSDR

Does anybody know ?

Hey @SDRGuy - just reposting the reply from a similar question on the blog itself. The answer is yes, but it may be some additional work depending upon how you need to implement it:

It should be possible to run the LimeSDR at a higher sample rate
through a filterbank which feeds N copies of the demodulator. If that’s
too heavy-weight, there might be a way to replace the filterbank with a
smarter block which searches for possible activate channels and selects
them per demodulator rather than feeding all demodulators all of the

Now transmit isnt always producing data, so one would need to decide
if there will be simultaneous transmission on multiple channels, or
transmissions will be serialized one channel at a time. The first
approach is like the reverse of the filterbank, but which some careful
batching because not all channels are producing streams to combine. The
second approach could run at the rate of a single channel and just tune
the LimeSDR NCO before each transmit packet.