How does limeSDR mini seprately understands Data and control signals from the serial USB data given to it?

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I have been thinking of the data flow all over the GNU Radio and the hardware part. As every configuration been done on the GRC file, How this IQ signal been converted on the FPGA gateware into data and control signals to the LMS7002M chip before the transmission?

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Vinayak MK

USB devices have ‘endpoints’; there are multiple virtual channels handled by the USB protocol. When you send a packet to it, you send it to a specific endpoint. Most devices have at least 2, a control endpoint and a data endpoint. For USB-serial converters, for example, you set the baud rate and bit count (etc.) by the control channel.

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If so then how can i send only data to the hardware and the configuration setup permanently on FPGA to make it a standalone device?
Can you suggest me some tutorials on this kind of project using any SDR?