How can I debug my MCU programm in Keil Uversion on PC when it connects the LimeSDR-USB board?

Hello all,
I want to debug the MCU located in LMS7002M in Keil Uversion installed on my PC. because the LimeSDR-USB dev. kit is connected with my PC through USB interface, but in Keil Uversion, it seems that only Uart port is supported. How I can I solve this matter? Could you pls give me some advice? Meanwhile, Could you pls give me some document related this usage? thanks!
The following is the screemshot of the debug settings in Keil Uversion.

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Unfortunately there is no way to connect debugger to the internal MCU.

Thanks Ricardas for your quick response. I will build my own boards with your LMS7002M RFIC chips, on my board, I will not use the USB controllers any more, Can I use the USB to SPI converter to debug the LMS7002M with your debugger Lime suite GUI ?
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