Host Application in C (Linux)


Is there any sample code or example for Host Application software written in C (preferably) or C++ that can run on Linux.
I am mainly interested in the logic how commands are prepared to be sent to FX3, like CMD_MEMORY_WR to write FW to flash or CMD_SI5351_WR for example.

Thanks for your attention.


Yes there are 3 examples in the LimeSuite source code

I re-read your post and while LimeSuite.h has an API to do
some of the things you want. I am not aware of the specific
examples you require.

I suspect someone else will know…

  • Charles
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Thanks for the help. But as you said, I am after an example host application that I can follow, for creating commands to be sent to LimeSDR in Linux.
Can anyone please help. @Zack @andrewback ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Zack @andrewback and other members,

I am able to send control commands to LimeSDR using my own Linux-based host. But can you please help me in sending Events like CY_U3P_USB_EVENT_SETCONF to FX3 FW to start Data transfer.

Also want to confirm whether the complete data flow (e.g. Response to CMD_GET_INFO from NIOS-II) is present in the default code present on git? That means after compiling the FW code and loading it to LimeSDR, if I send CMD_GET_INFO from USB host, I should be getting the values set in NIOS-II code.