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@hf_user suggested an area HF users can discuss real world settings to make the Lime perform at its best on the HF bands. So here is a place for people to start. This is intended to be a WOW I did this and look what happened section rather than a un-happy page. Even after many years of using Simon’s SDR Console I do not know may way around it so help to the HF guys on where to set things up would be welcome. Things like filters etc too.

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I did the Broadband fix on RX1-L. For me it looks like that was a good one.

I would like to compare performance to the other mods and other setups and ideas.
Is there a convenient way how we can compare performance of tested modifications here?

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A good friend of mine, Yuri, has told me that it’s possible to have LimeSuite and SDRConsole both running at the same time and you can modify parameters - - INCLUDING FILTERING AND GAINS - - and watch the results happen in SDRConsole when you tune things in LimeSuite. This will be helpful to pass along to Simon when he comes back to working on SDRConsole such that we can make SDRConsole a better app. I am going to try this technique that Yuri has tried for myself and pass along those results so others can try them, too.

73 de Marty, KN0CK (a TRUE HF Geek)

I also run a Poorman’s Flex where I have replaced my RX on my IC746Pro with an output to the SDR’s. For some reason this seems to have left the HF filters in line as I do notice a difference when I change bands. This was not my intention, or indeed what I thought I had done. Until some TX software is more available it will be good for testing the Lime as a kind of transceiver, BTW I do use HF quite often. After all was 10m not allocated purely to run transverters?

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Nice to know :slight_smile:
My Win10 crashed couple of times in trials to do the same…