Help with lime USB + lime gui

I got my lime working after re flash and various other issues so back to square 1 in lime gui tx works fine so can use as signal gen but when in fft viewer as spectrum analyser display is there but wont receive a signal or dosent show any one any ideas I’ve done no changes to software.
I load lime gui set rx freq calculate then tune then go into genclk calculate and tune and load fft viewer then press start am I doing something wrong or missing a step

LimeSuiteGUI isn’t intended as a general purpose app for e.g. signal generation and spectrum plotting. It’s meant more as an engineering tool, where if you really need to, you can twiddle lots of obscure settings, e.g. to optimise for low power. As you will gather from the UI, it’s not very end user friendly.

Would suggest instead using a known good application, such as SDRangel on Linux or SDR Console on Windows. For testing the hardware, please use LimeQuickTest.