Have no idea how to install either the drivers of the GUI to talk to a Zipper/MyriadRF (LMS6002D) board

Just trying to use a GUI to talk to a LMS6002D on a MyriadRF board, sitting on a Zipper board.
I can’t find any documentation about this. Section 3.4 of the Zipper and Myriad-RF Development Kit manual MAKES
NO MENTION OF SOFTWARE INSTALLATION (either the app, or the .dll for that matter).
The software that comes up says it’s 6002Dr2 Evaluation Software.
Note that there is some documentation on GitHub (never heard of this until today), but I can’t seem to
download the .pdf.

Can somebody help me?


If you clone this GitHub repository:


The version of LMS Suite you want is in LMS6002D / legacy / control_lms6002. There are executables in the bin directory, else you can build from source.




Just replying to myself, so that anybody reading can see what I’ve found…

First a bit of polite venting:

Just a couple of things that would be real helpful when one is trying to bring up the LMS6002D on the MyriadRF board,
used with the Zipper board (bought it from Digikey):

  1. An explicit statement regarding what baud rate should be used, and how to set it up.
    This is not documented well.
  2. An explicit instruction regarding how to get the executable into one’s download folder
    (written for us hardware/RF guys). I’m not to familiar with GitHub, so I had a bit of head scratching to figure
    things out.
  3. I have noticed that there are several different types of boards for the LMS6002D/7002, and the documentation
    for the Zipper is incomplete. Instructions regarding where and how to apply power for example is not described
    very well.
  4. It would be REAL helpful to relate any precautions that the user should be aware of, such as sequencing power
    (if necessary), or is it possible to hot swap the USB connection and not damage anything? This stuff may sound
    rudimentary, but it seems to me that the “Zipper and Myriad-RF Development Kit Manual” could be a little more
    user-friendly. I’ve spent 1-2 days figuring out what I guess is supposed to be obvious, but this is time I could
    have spent actually evaluating the performance of the chip…

In spite of all this, I do want to give kudos to Andrew for his timely response. He got back to me very quickly with help.

Thanks man…