Has support for using the LimeMini on HF improved yet?

I originally tried using my LimeMini for HF shortly after I got it back into 2019 and there was little support in software and the ones that did had many bugs. Also I learned the you have to actively cool a LimeMini to use it on HF otherwise the thermal Nosie swamps out everything. (Meaning heatsink plus a fan.)

What’s the state of things in what supports the LimeMini and what doesn’t as I literally haven’t touched mine since before the pandemic.

I am also interested in learning if anyone else has had this thermal noise issue.

I think SDR Console has support for HF on the Mini now.


Not yet finished but it is working on HF, Windows 64bit application. Link:
Unpack into empty folder and run LimeSDR#.exe

The heat issue from my experimentation is not “thermal noise”. If it was thermal noise, then the SNR would decrease linearly with board temp. YT7PWR has a good explanation related the LO.

My suggestion is that if you need HF operation, to either cool the limesdr mini passively or actively, or buy another product which is designed specifically to receive HF.

I assumed it was thermal noise in mine since when running HF the temperature would slowly creep up toward 50c and as it did so the SNR of the bands would greatly degrade unless I cooled it.

And yea that thread that YT7PWR was explaining it to me in was my last attempt at HF were I discovered you need to actively cool it for any good performance below the FM broadcast band.

I still have trouble wrapping my head around the NCO and how it’s used. Considering its not like say the normal idea of just a up converter, and it also depends on the sample rate what the NCO can be set to. (At least it did back when I made that thread.)