Has anyone tried running Soapy Remote on an OpenWRT router?

I’ve been using opensource firmware on my routers for a very long time including monowall, pfsense, dd-wrt and currently OpenWRT. I’ve done this to offload all the services that I want to be uninterrupted on to my router. I don’t need a dedicated server or to run stuff on my desktop so I can shut it off and save power. Currently under OpenWrt on a dual core arm Linksys wrt1900ac, I’m running www on 3 ports (admin, sister’s website and PiAware), file and print server, and rtl_tcp. What I want to do is run Soapy-remote and plug my Lime in to the USB 3 hub I’m using with it.

The rtl software on my router was ported over from the Pi. My thought is why not try to get Soapy remote working for the Lime? I looked on google and it seems no one has shared on the subject. I will be working on it in the next few weeks and hopefully be able to provide instructions. I’m thinking that some routers should be capable of more throughput than even a Pi4.

( I ran out of /overlay space in jfs partition and need to move it out to the SD card first. I’m the type with 10 unfinished (in progress) projects. )

Disk space and CPU performance permitting, I can’t see why that wouldn’t work. Obviously a good idea to keep the SDR receive antenna as far away from WLAN antennas as possible, so as to prevent overloading. Ideally you’d take an RF cable from the SDR off to an antenna some distance away and/or consider adding some filtering.

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In my case I have a Dual a9 at 1.3 Ghz and only 256 MB. I have addressed my storage and used an sd card to overlay the root and have 32 GB root / fs space. I’m keeping notes to share.

I can git but not build in OpenWrt. It seems I need to build on PC with correct tool chain. Before I setup this dev enviroment I’m wondering if I will have enough memory to operate SoapyRemote. I have about 170MB free but want to load some more services. As far as performance I’m just going to wait and see real world results.

Not knowing exactly my dependencies do you think the LimeDriver and Soapysdr Remote will work comfortably in 128 MB of ram?? Thx!

Not sure, but you could set them up on your PC and have a look :slight_smile:

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