Hardware Requirements Laptop with GNURADIO + LimeSDR

What are recommendable technical parameters of a laptop (UBUNTU 16.04 LTS) running GNURADIO connected via USB3.1 to a LimeSDR in a fullduplex usecase? (RAM, CPU, Graphic…)

A long search in this forum and general in the web brought no clear results.


It’s kind of a how long is a piece of string question… Full duplex at what bandwidth? Completely maxed out? And GNU Radio is a framework, not an application, so it could be doing something quite simple or super advanced. It’s like asking how fast an engine goes, without knowing what gearbox, wheels and chassis etc. it is bolted to.

To give an example, if you wanted to run a GSM base station with just one handset registered, you could do this with a Raspberry Pi. Whereas an LTE base station with high data rates might need a recent Intel Core i5 or i7. Both full duplex, but very different bandwidths, protocol stacks and overall requirements.