Handover in LimeSDR


is it possible if i have 2 eNB using LimeSDR connected to the same EPC(SRSran for example) to do a handover from 1 eNB to a other and if yes is there any extra equipment needed

on a other hand is it possible to do a handover from a LTE setup to a 2G/3G setup

i know this question probably involve the EPC part more than eNB but would apricate any help

I’ve never tested it, but srsRAN seems to support S1 handover:


I thought I’d seen details of this for srsRAN 4G and Osmocom, but it may have been CSFB instead, where the connection drops back to 2G for voice calls. In any case, what you need to search for is “inter-RAT handover” with srsRAN and 2G/Osmcom etc.


and do you think its possible to configuring LimeSDR to act as multiple virtual cells within the same eNB
and so do a intra-eNB handover

It’s not so much a question of whether LimeSDR can do this, but the SDR software used with it. This is a bit like asking whether a computer can edit photos or run spreadsheet software. Of course, there will be limitations imposed by the SDR, such as maximum frequency separation, but it’s firstly a question of the software. With the Osmocom 2G stack I know there was work on multi-TRX support, but as for srsLTE/srsRAN, OAI or any of the proprietary LTE stacks, I have no idea, and you would need to look at the documentation for them and/or ask their developers.