HalfDuplex RX/TX


when use one antenna for RX and TX , is it conform when i turn RX Antenna while sending to
LNA_NC or LNA_NONE to protect RX Input ?

Much thx for helping
Best regards from Berlin.

If using one antenna you must use a suitable duplexer or coaxial relay. If you were to simply connect both Tx and Rx ports together with the antenna via a T, I suspect this could cause damage.

@Zack, perhaps you could confirm.

Hi Andrew,

thx its also not enough to switch rx antenna to None Antenna, util sending. I have it not try out. My radio works nice since 1 year. Using CoaxRelay . Later i must use then the IO Ports , but not clear how i can control the IO/ports from LimeSuite Interface DLL - I need the Ports later too for control the bandpassfilter. (Writing an fm/am/sideband Modulator for the I/Q transfer under windows. State not ready atm … But happy to see that SDR-Console(w10) is the only one, they can send with 750Khz Bandwidth, why this is bandwidth must be so small configured to transmit ? Many questions are open. At end of Life i have all answers i hope :slight_smile:

Thx for responds , best regards from Berlin