HackRF 2017.02.1

Hi @joshblum

If it’s OK with you, I am going to upload a new hackrf package. This new library is needed if people upgrade their firmware to 2017.02.1, and I suspect many people will do to get the new sweeping functionality.

I will rebuild gr-osmosdr but I assume soapyhackrf will have to be rebuilt also, although this release has a new so version.

sounds good! I was wondering when it was going to get a new tag. SoapyHackRF and gr-osmosdr will both need a rebuild then.

Does this impact LimeSDR in any way? Is it possible to use any of the HackRF tools with LimeSDR?
I did have a HackRF and the CLI tools are pretty useful.

This should not have any (intentional) impact on the LimeSDR. If the upgrade will have unexpected side effects on LimeSDR or any other drivers, we will do our best to fix it quickly.

The HackRF tools work only with the HackRF. There is a project called rx_tools which aims at providing similar tools using SoapySDR.

Hi Josh,

I have updated hackrf and gr-osmosdr. I assume you take SoapyHackRF :slight_smile:

Sweet. I appreciate that, and SoapyHackRF is now updated!