Gsm,lte with limesdr

Hi, is there anybody interested in gsm,lte demodulation with limesdr? Is there any project similar to gr-gsm and LTE-CELL-SCANNER which i can run on my ubuntu with limesdr?

Yes, I’m interested in the above. I think GQRX and Wireshark running together via UHD on Ubuntu can analyse pretty much anything.

Wonderful! Can you give me some webpage about Wireshark? What should I do to analyse signal with Wireshark?

Wirehark download:

Don’t forget to hit the UDP button on GQRX … and have fun!

As long as you can receive signal using osmocom source in gnuradio with LimeSDR, gr-gsm should work as well. I tried that a couple of weeks ago.

I am also interested to capture GSM spectrum and re-transmit again. using LimSDR , kindly guide me with some tutorial/example.