GRQX Lime block missing


I installed GRQX v3.8.2.0-57-gd71cd177 (Python 3.9.0) under Win10.
I have a LimeSDR but I don’t find the blocks to interface with my SDR.
How to install them?

What do you mean by ‘blocks’. Are you referring to grc (gnuradio-companion) instead of gqrx?

I think you’ll probably need soapysdr and soapysdr-module-lms7 (atleast that’s what’s needed on a linux system)

Hope this was helpful.

The easiest way to get things going on windows 10 is to install the PothosSDR stuff -

It includes gqrx, CubicSDR, gnuradio-companion and the SDR drivers for many devices.

@RightHalfPlane sorry. You are right I mean gnuradio-companion.
I have installed the last version of PothosSDR but inside gnuradio-companion there aren’t the Soapy block.
I have the gnuradio-companion ver v3.9.0.0-155-g44cd1949 (Python 3.9.1)

The way you access Soapy in gnuradio is via the gr-osmosdr block using an argument like “soapy=0,driver=lime”. That would be for gnuradio 3.8, and I would assume it would be the same for 3.9, but I do not know.

The latest version of PothosSDR on windows 10 comes with gnuradio-companion v3.10.0.0 - it is in PothosSDR/bin/gnuradio-companion.exe. You can run the lime device using the gr-osmosdr blocks. The first time you start the PothosSDR gnuradio-companion up - it down loads a bunch of stuff that it needs. Yes, the “soapy=0,driver=lime” should work, but I cannot try it because my limeSDR Mini just died. To get the soapy Blocks you will need to find gr-soapy and install it into the PothosSDR area.

Thanks a lot, it works!!
I just have the error you can see below

[INFO] Make connection: ‘LimeSDR-USB [USB 3.0] 9072C02882E2F’
[INFO] Reference clock 30.72 MHz
[INFO] Device name: LimeSDR-USB
[INFO] Reference: 30.72 MHz
[INFO] LMS7002M register cache: Disabled
[INFO] RX LPF configured
[INFO] RX LPF configured
gr::log :ERROR: pagesize - no info; setting pagesize = 4096
[INFO] Rx calibration finished

even if my LimeSRD acquires saples

Do you know what can be the reason?

That error often shows up - it does not seem to hurt anything.

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