Gr-limesdr Plugin failed

I am trying to install Gr-limesdr plugin on win10’s radioconda, however it fails.

  1. My OS is Win10.
  2. I downloaded radioconda from GitHub - ryanvolz/radioconda: Software radio distribution and installer for conda and installed, which is a conda version of GNU Radio.
  3. I downloaded plugin from, and flowing the description on section 3.1 of Gr-limesdr Plugin for GNURadio - Myriad-RF Wiki.

After that, I can not found lime grc in GNU-Radio

I also did some debugging:

  1. my GNU Radio Companion’s version is, is that too high
  2. all the installed blocks are using yml files to describe the block information
    however, the plugin is using xml file
    which doesnot match.
  3. I extracted the plugin zip file to the root of radioconda installation directory, is that correct?

Can any one help to reolve the installation of Gr-limesdr plugin?


hi, I have resolved this problem, which is due to edition.

After I changed to GNU Radio3.7, it success.