Gqrx dependencies

(This seemed to me the best place to post this, if not please move it.)

What dependencies are there in Gqrx on Gnuradio that are possible to remove/replace? I suppose realistically it boils down to how much work’s involved. Gnuradio is a beast to compile if you want to run the latest code and therefore Gqrx is then saddled with that difficulty.

Maybe this discussion’s already been had and discounted. (pointers to those discussions appreciated).

I agree. Gqrx and gnuradio are a beast to compile. I gave up and don’t use them.

Right so some remedy and some relief is needed to free Gqrx from that dependency.

No slight meant to Gnuradio as it’s really amazing and IIRC was the first and deserves all the respect and gratitude is has earned. I mentioned this before, but I heard that Michael Ossmann used Gnuradio to design the HackRF.

Oh meant to say, don’t give up on them they are both quite good. Gnuradio is a great learning tool. I have only scratched it’s surface.

I can download both from repositories and they both work fine. Just not with LimeSDR. They are not in the repos with the required compilation options so I decided to try to compile my own. This I don’t have time for right now. It is a maze that keeps deadending me.

One of the objectives with gqrx was to create an SDR application using the GNU Radio runtime framework, so trying to replace it seems a bit pointless. It’s better to create a new project instead.

The Readme file in the source tree has a section about compiling gqrx. It begins with listing all the dependencies.

Gqrx does not require a full GNU Radio SDK to be installed. Gqrx depends only on C and C++ libraries so you do not need all the python stuff to build gqrx. As you can see in the releases, a complete self contained binary package is less that 6 Mbytes without Qt or 21 Mbytes with Qt included. Is that really so bad?

I think most of the problems we have in gqrx do not come because there are many dependencies but because of the way we architected the dependencies. I will fix that in the next project.

Didn’t know it was using the Gnuradio framework. A new project would be a lot of work. But maybe it’s needed. That way we’d have something that has fewer dependencies. Always trade-offs in using 3rd party libraries/frameworks.