GQRX crashed when running with LimeSDR

GQRX crashed when running with LimeSDR
my OS is kubuntu16.04, and I have installed driver.
here is the message from Konsole:

Could anyone help me please?

Try updating your board with LimeSuiteUTIL first …

I can run for hours with out crashing … might be USB voltage issue …
Is the crash random or repeatable …?

It’s repeatable. No matter using win10 or kubuntu16.04.
and I have already update the board.

and its the same computer running Win10 and Kubuntu16 ?

yes, the same computer

Try a different computer … or external power … be mindful of the max external power voltage

Ill update to latest in a few days just to test …

just got done from building from git (update really) on a system that was already working …

gr-oscom (spelling, i dont remember exactly)

and working fine …