Gpio flat cable for limeRFE

Does anyone know the size or where to get the gpio flat cable for the limeRFE? Trying to connect it to the lime micro 2, but the connector on the limeRFE is smaller than standard connector. Haven’t been able to find what size it is.

It’s a 1.27mm pitch 2x5 “SWD” (ARM Serial Wire Debug) type cable. Adafruit and others sell them.

To a what? There is no “lime micro 2”. Maybe you mean LimeSDR Mini 2.0?

yes. it says lime micro on it on logo by the usb connector. But you’re right, also the gpio pins on the limeRFE are about half the size of the 2.27mm, it is by U12. I have the cables and connectors for 2.27mm which I make when needed. I have not seen one as small as on the limeRFE yet.

Sorry about last post, they are 2.27mm, and thank you both for the replies.

Sorry about the last replies, was frustrated in trying to find the cable, it was a 1.5mm. Finally found it on ebay , but just single row not the double. Had to use jst cable in description, mouser and digikey would not understand anything I used. Even 1.27 did not produce any thing near what I needed.Thanks to all.

That’s the manufacturer and we’ve produced numerous different boards.

The common pitch you are thinking of is 2.54mm or 0.1". The GPIO header is half this at 1.27mm.

Some examples:

— Ready made

— Parts

It’s not as common as the larger 2.54mm pitch, but it is widely available.

Thanks to everyone for their answers and help, I have ordered the cables from adafruit.