GPIO and SDR independently

Hi, I am new to LimeSDR. I am currently using LimeSDR-mini. I was trying to use the GPIO pins as control signals for my switching network and LimeSDR as my receiver in GNU Radio. I was able to program the GPIO pins to generate the control signals for my switching network. But when the switching program is active, I cannot use it as the receiver. Is there a way so that the GPIOs and the SDR work at the same time.

Hi @Anup,

GPIO and SDR functionality doesn’t depend on each other. Not sure how do you organize your control signals from GNU Radio.

Hi @Zack,
I programmed the GPIOs as given in LimeSuite’s example cpp code. For my switching network, the control signals has to be continually supplied, hence an infinite loop version of the LimeSuite’s example code was used. When I did so, the GNU Radio returns resource is busy. Is there a way around to make it work. I am working on developing a pseudo Doppler RDF. I though the GPIOs in the LimeSDR would be helpful.

Thank you