Good user guide for Limesuite

Hi, Community!
Could somebody point me into right direction?
I see so many intimidating abbreviations in limesuite gui… I would like to read some guide in order to understand them. Could you please give me reference to User guide or some other documentation available?

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A good place to start would be the LMS7002M data sheet.

The reason the terms might be intimidating is because you are looking at the transceiver IC internals. In practice application developers would use the provided APIs to tune the transceiver to a specific frequency, set sample rates and bandwidths etc. That said, it doesn’t hurt to understand what is going on “under the hood” and in fact sometimes this can be quite important.

Andrew, great thanks for your reply!
It does not hurt and many times even necessary to understand what is going “under the hood”. Hope that many users will benefit from this documentation.

By the way, regarding API. Is gr-osmosdr block for GNURadio able to tune frequency, set bandwidth etc.?


I found this guide for an older (2015) version of LimeSuiteGUI on an evaluation board for the LMS7002. It explains all of abbreviations and what all of the different tabs are for. I have just started into it and have found it very helpful.

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