Going from I3-4005u laptop to I7-4770k Desktop

my curent system was Dell Latitude 3540 with I3-4005u and 2x4GB ram (8GB total) and 240GB ssd
if i was in linux x64 or windows x64 and run sdr receiver apps i could set sample rate to 10msps and i could demodulate stereo fm pretty good.

the new system with be I7-4770k with 2x4GB ram (8GB total)

do you think i should be able to set my sample rate quite a bit higher then 10msps before stereo fm demodulate starts getting choppy?

Dual Xeon 4 cores 3.7 Ghz 72 Gig RAM, 950 GTX video card. LimeSDR USB
In SDR-Console, with 25 Mhz wide & listening to 8 FM broadcast stereo stations at the same time. About 18% processor, 15% RAM, 12% Vid card.
That should give you an idea.
Max out the RAM. It makes life better. Your processor is good.


the 4770k system had some problems with ebay seller.

ok im still shopping what kind of cpu and motherboard and maybe even ram should i be looking at to be able to use limesdr-mini at the fullest
sometimes i have my samplerate set at 60msps but of course if i try and demodulate at that setting its not going to.

are the xeon processors what i should be looking at?

I use them, because I got a Dell 5500 for next to nothing. Googled it & found that it can add a 2nd pallet for a 2nd processor. 6 RAM slots on MB & 3 slots on 2nd CPU pallet.
If you are looking to buy new, get the best you can afford. If a PC tower, again, the best you can afford.
Dell 5500:
$30 at yard sale
2X Xeon processors on EBAY, $65
950GTX vid card EBAY $60
I beat the sellers down to get good prices.


During Cowes week races I had the full Marine band displayed including AIS ( around 25 MHz ) and 14 NB FM receivers all running at the same time to the race and the harbour traffic.

This was about max before drop outs on an i7700K laptop overclocked to 5.4GHz, 64GB of RAM and all NVMe drives with 2 NVidia 1080’s running the transforms.

So yeah, with last years top tech you can run 14 transceivers at once.
Yours should be great with at least 3.

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wound up getting a dell laptop with 16GB ram and an 4800mq i7. it gets just a bit under a 4770k on passmark cpu list
4770k is 10k and i think the 4800mq is close to 8k
i think it has an addon gpu. amd venus?