Gnuradiocompanion does not start

i have a problem with the lime suite
all installs went without problems
pothos gui does work fine … cubic sdr does work
lime suite works … BUT
when i try to start grc it says
failed to open registry key hklm software python python core 2.7 install path … is python installed??

yes i have pythn installed … how can i set grc to know the install path ??? do i have to use regedit and add the path manually?? if yes … what is exact procedure of doing that??
i would like to have ALL software running (cause there are also python apps written for grc … and i wanted to try some of them)
so please help a newbie to get that software package running
tnx dg9bfc sigi

I have same problem tried reinstall installed back but no luck i just stop using it.

but how can i then use tools/apps that others made for grc?!? … i wanna have the COMPLETE lime suite running … not just a part of it!!

the best would be if the lime gurus would change the installer that it ASKS for the location of python (and then remembers that also for grc) if it can not locate it by itself

or … a step by step explanation how to add that path manually … so that i can make grc running

Install Python 2.7 64-bit.

Then follow the link to the “Latest Python 2 Release - Python 2.7.xx” near the top of the page.
Then selevt “Windows x86-64 MSI installer”

GOTCHA i use the wrong python version

64 bit version did the trick … MANY THANKS!!!

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