Gnuradio - TX continues after flowgraph is killed

limesdr does not stop transmitting carrier when flowgraph is killed using the osmocom sink.

details here:

I think this behavior is wrong, but I’m not sure on which repository to file this bug.

Would it be gr-osmocom, soapy-sdr, or other?

Maybe you file the bug against Gnuradio and they may direct you to the problem. But they may also just tell you it’s not Gnuradio and let you figure out what to do next. I would guess that it’s lower level than Gnuradio but it could be so many things and you’ve not provided much info.

First thing I would do is to build all the tools, in use, from latest sources.

I have seen this problem with hackrf as well (using gnuradio and gr-osmocom). The easiest solution is probably to make gr-osmocom transmit silence when closing the device. However it would be great if the drivers do that too if it notices no programs are providing data for a long amount of time (e.g. More than a second)