Gnu radio gr-dsd plugin how to build or compile it use it?

Hello, my system windows 10, x64. Using LimeSDR the USB 3.0 board with four antennas.

I installed successfully gnu radio and everything seems okay.

I try to listen some digital speech and founded a plugin called gr-dsd. The link is below.

The problem is that install instruction are in Linux or something else.

What do I need to compile gr-dsd the easy way please?
Do I need Cmake, do I need Cygwin64, do I need Git bash or something else?

What does mean Rebuild the module using gr_modtool?? How to do it use it?

I searched also the google but did not find any noob friedly tutorial or set-up.

I am not familiar with python or Cmake so if some one could point me to right direction.

Addisional question do i need to enable some option from LimeSDR firmware to activate digital signals or i dont need?

Another question regarding to the DSD and DSD+ that are windows builded separte programs will the run with LimeSdr if they are correctly configured.

Unfortunately you won’t get very far with GNU radio without that kind of knowledge.

I wouldn’t recommend Windows for GNU radio experiments, but I’ve used gr-dsd before.
There’s a piece of software on called gqrx-digital. It makes use of gr-dsd. I wouldn’t recommend it, as today there are solutions which transmit as well as receive the digital protocols that gr-dsd decodes. One such project is OP25.
You don’t need to do anything special to the LImeSDR to transmit and receive digital. With proper software, it will work out of the box.