Getting started with LimeSDR-mini on iMac High-Sierra 10.13.4

Hi, i received my LimeSDR-mini today. I have iMac HighSierra 10.13.4 operating system.

Device is recognised in System Information as follows
LimeSDR Mini:

ID prodotto: 0x601f
ID fornitore: 0x0403 (Future Technology Devices International Limited)
Versione: 0.00
Numero di serie: 1D3ACA41C50D05
Velocità: Fino a 480 Mb/s
Produttore: Lime Micro
ID posizione: 0x14230000 / 11
Corrente disponibile (mA): 500
Corrente necessaria (mA): 388
Corrente operativa extra (mA): 0

I have GQRX on iMac installed. Do i need some driver ? There is a starting guide ?

Hi Fabio,

Yes, you will need to have Lime Suite installed:

Hi Andrew, i installed the osx version of Lime_Suite as directed in the wiki
I have my LimeSDRmini connected and recognised by System Information.
The led on board flash red yellow alternatively.
The command Limeutil --find return nothing
Also the SoapySDRUtil --find return No devices found!

I miss something ?

No luck in OSX … but … the lime-mini works in my Linux Opensuse Leap 42.3 virtual machine over vmWare Fusion 8.5.
However LimeSdr mini under VM has a bottleneck in sampling rate … it works below 2.5 Ms/sec any attempt to use higher sampling rate result in croppy and dropped frames…
It is mandatory to use it directly on Osx High Sierra … … how ?