Genuine and Copies of Lime SDR mini v2.2

Please could you explain the different versions of Lime SDR mini v2.2

There is a genuine one on the crowdfunding page.

They are also available on Amazon, by a Chinese manufacturer. I guess they have built to the open source Gerbers, BoM, etc. Is there anything inferior about the Chinese versions? Are they still using high quality chips that have passed all production tests?

Peter M0LNB

There’s only one version of a specific board version, as far as I know.

Do you mean this one?

They appear to be located in the US and the board appears to be genuine, so I’d call them a reseller — albeit not “official” — rather than a manufacturer.

We’re not aware of anyone producing clones. Nothing is impossible, but we’ve not seen this yet with any of the LimeSDR boards. Of course, buyer beware and make sure that you can get a refund should you purchase a board from an unknown source and it turns out to be faulty. Usual caveats apply regarding checking a seller’s reputation etc.

Hi. What’s your opinion on this one please? Apart from warranty is it the same spec?

From the spec it appears to be LimeSDR Mini v1, which is now discontinued. I’m not familiar with the vendor. They do seem to be listed as a distributor of Crowd Supply products, but I can’t vouch for them.

Note that orders placed now with Crowd Supply for LimeSDR Mini v2 should ship out 15th December.