Gateware source code

Hi, i am a beginner and recently started working in limesdr i have a few question kindly inform me
1-Can i edit gate ware source code without using GUI?
2-If yes then what is a procedure to that
3-What is a Function of firmware, can editing in gateware affect its firmware too or both works dependently

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Hi @random,
1 & 2. What do you mean by “GUI”? Quartus II software? If yes, then there are few schematic files which can not be edit by text editor.
3. Not sure what firmware do you mean. Actually, there are two: FX3 MCU firmware and NIOS MCU firmware. Anyway, all the components work together and it is difficult to answer to this question knowing no details.

@Zack thanks for the reply. I am using limesuite software to configure lime sdr from host processor but when disconnect lime sdr from host processor FPGA set to default configuration but i want after configuration from lime suit all configuration must retain and lime sdr must be used without host processor like other micro controllers

Do you mean power cycle? If yes, then you are correct - LMS7002M configuration after power off and on is lost. Host PC is responsible for uploading correct configuration to the LimeSDR-USB board. But there is a possibility to implement such a functionality to the NIOS MCU - you store required configuration to the FLASH memory and NIOS uploads it to the LMS7002M after power on.

@Zack in limesuite software user can upload default MCU .hex file. MCU open source code is also availabale in C language so my question is can i Edit MCU source code according to my requirement and generate .hex file and burn it in limesdr instead of editing in gateware

Let us make things clear. There are 3 items:

  1. USB3 MCU firmware;
  2. LMS700m MCU firmware;
  3. FPGA gateware.

Which one are you talking about when referring to “MCU .hex file”? I looks like you are talking about item 2, right?

You do not need to edit gateware (item 3) if you want to change any of firmwares (item 1 & 2). Or I am missing something in your question.

Hello Zack,
What is the difference between NiosII programm in FPGA and MCU firmware in LMS7002M?
Can I only use FPGA (including NoisII programme) programme to configure,calibrate,tune and control LMS7002s except MCU?