Gateware 0

I talked to run into an issue this at the same is what Sid Boyce been getting I’ll have a gateware version of zero

After flashing again it’ll be too what the recent version is but I’m wondering what’s causing it to go to 0 in the first place

Almost always power supply brownout. If you’re running on a USB 2.0 port, a 3.0 port which for some reason is not delivering enough power, or have a sub-optimal USB cable, this could be the cause.

I use a seperate 5v@3a supply for the Lime… than my SBC (single board computer)
Could this happen from pulling the plug?

If you’re using the DC barrel/coaxial connector you should be supplying 6-12V, as the goes via a regulator and so 5VDC is insufficient. This could easily explain the problem.

i use the split usb cable from crowdsource thst came with the LimeSdr