FYI: Vimeo is Ban in Indonesia

Because of the Indonesia’s Anti-Pornography Law in 2008 Vimeo is currently Ban there (Vimeo allow nudity, who knew, I only found out when I heard that there was a ban Indonesia). I suspect that is it by accident that you are primarily using Vimeo and filtering out about 250 million potential customers [~4% of the global population] It might be an idea to give youtube links in addition to Vimeo links for videos in your updates and blogs. It is a large market with a higher GDP than the UK.

@mzs, thanks, I’ve passed on your feedback to the guys at Crowd Supply!

Censorship is wrong in so many ways, and so is your suggestion on moving provider because of this.
Send a signal and use your high ranked GDP to teach people how to get the information that their government is blocking them from obtaining.