Full Duplex



Warning - Stupid question :smile: .

I assume - if I want to run full duplex must I use RX0 and TX1? From my tests I assume I cannot use RX0 and TX0 at the same time.


Lime chipset is declared like Full-Duplex MIMO therefore must be possible to use RX0 and TX0
together. All within the same (if remember well) 30 MHz central frequency.



Thanks. maybe I should switch to RX0 / TX1 as I’ll sometimes be working with much greater frequency differences.


There is no reason why you coud not use rx0 and tx0 at the same time, in fact it is expected to use them if you don’t need MIMO. Perhaps the problem for you was that you used different sampling rates for tx and rx.



Thanks - it’s a big learning curve for me. I think I’ll have to offer the user all the options. A bit more work for me but better in the long run.