Front-end Modules

Anyone knows if we’re ever going to have the Front-end modules available without the PCIe variant?

I don’t believe that there are any plans to manufacture these at present.

Okay, but can you just take a look at it? I’m sure a lot of people would be interested.

Crowdfunding is the way to go with something like this. You can start a project on github and then look for contributors. You don’t have to have all the skills to make it happen. Just need to start it somewhere that allows collaboration. Look at FreeSRP for inspiration/ideas/etc. The front-end modules are much less complex but still have to jump through similar hoops to get off the ground.

Yes I know but I don’t have the knowledge necessary to make something like that happen, even with help. I just posted this thread because from my understanding this modules have already been developed but just not planned to manufacture as @andrewback is saying. If lime released the pcb designs maybe someone else could step forward with this project.


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Didn’t realized that they were there. Thanks!

Did anyone try to open the KiCAD files?

Opening the schematic files, I receive an error of missing library:
D:\LIME-Ignas\PCB Design\PCB Projects\Stream\Stream_v2r2_PCB Database\KiCad Design Files\Stream


There are a lot of modules on ebay. For example, search ebay for “LNA GHZ”.

I know, I was just curious abou these. The only thing I can find in ebay are GSM filters.


I would like to keep working on them. Are you interested?


I am, but I don’t think I can commit to this. What do you need?

We would obviously welcome others to manufacture these and/or contribute their own designs to the project :slight_smile:


Any suggestion about PCB manufacture to fabricate these PCBs?
Did you try Fastprint ?


Have these modules been made and tested? If so, please share some results. If someone were to use the designs in the GitHub and put everything together, would it work?