Front-end modules PA chip specs/info

I’m looking through the schematics from GitHub for the front-end module project’s power amplifier and I’m seeing a CXM3624UR chips but Google finds no information on this chip. Does anyone have information or a datasheet for this chip? The BOM says Sony makes it but that didn’t help me find anything.

The only public datasheets I could find were here:
There are a few CXM36… parts, but no CXM3624UR, nor the Sony Power Amplifier part number CXGxxxx !!! from the BOM.

I’m starting to suspect that you need to sign a NDA with Sony to be allowed to know that the parts exist :grinning: let alone see the datasheets. Which is probably not the best choice of part for open hardware.

Not only datasheets, but also firmware source code is missing (there is only closed binary file in repository). If this should be open hardware, this is very bad. I have created issue on GitHub:

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Just to let you know, @andrewback now added both datasheets and firmware sources to GitHub repo. Explanation is in GitHub issue mentioned above. So it indeed is fully open, yay! :wink:

EDIT: But it’s so far only very preliminary info (flyer) for that CXGxxxx PA part


Seeing this level of interaction and support is very encouraging! I’m looking forward to getting my LimeSDR!