Frequency modulation in limesdr

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How to do frequency modulation in limesdr? I want to do frequency modulation through limesuite software or is there any other way to do this like by editing gateware code any help?

The same way you would do it with pretty much any other SDR hardware. E.g. assuming you want to create a new application, using GNU Radio, Pothos, LuaRadio, liquid-dsp, DttSP, else with some DSP library or your own codes.

You could create an FM waveform and play this via Lime Suite, but I’m not sure that it’s what you want.

You need to be much clearer about what it is precisely which you wish to do — “do frequency modulation” is too vague and could mean any one of a great number of things.

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Hello andrewback

For a proof of concept , i want to generate a sweep signal of 5 to 10 Mhz . after that i will be looking to modulate that signal .but right now i just want to generate a sweep signal . so what options i have got , beside gnuradio and others. i am looking to use Limesuite Gui or C-code to lock PLL for startfreq and stopfreq with high sweep rate.

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Lime Suite GUI is for test and development purposes. Sounds like you may want to look at the SoapySDR API:

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thanks @andrewback is there any other method to generate sweep like by editing in limeSDR gateware/FX3 MCU/nios ii MCU code

Yes, this would seem possible also, but there are no tutorials for this and you would need to study the source code and datasheets to work this out.

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Can you recommend me some person who ever did some work on it