Free LimeSDR workshop and a free lunch

I’ve been known to go out of my way for a free lunch but this one’s just too far. Sounds like a great workshop.

And Heinlein’s TANSTAAFL takes a hit. But maybe you buy the LimeSDR when you’re done with the workshop.

To bad, I am far, far away at the moment :slight_smile:
Any web-cast possible , we may buy lunch locally :smiley:

Not sure that we’ll manage a live webcast, but I will be recording the talks and these will go up on YouTube afterwards.

Lunch == free. LimeSDR == loaned :slight_smile:

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A loaner and free lunch is a good deal. Look forward to seeing the talks. Recording talks well is not a simple task. My big complaint on talk recordings is when there are questions at the end but the question is not picked up in the recording.

Great idea, Andrew. Thx to you and BCS and Lime Microsystems!

Is there going to be a next one in the UK? If so, when will that be? Just missed this event :pensive: