FPGA: Altera Quartus tools license


My goal is to do some signal processing in the FPGA, but it seems to be likely that I would just “play” with the gateware a little bit because the FPGA is not powerful.

I have a doubt about the license of Altera Quartus tools.
I read in the gateware readme:
“The gateware can be built with the free version of the Altera Quartus tools.”

After installing Altera Quartus 15.1 standard edition, a popup window remembers me that:
“You have until XX/XX/2018 to use the quartum prime SW with compilation and simulation support.”
and “No device programming file support”

Is it needed to have a full quartus license to program limeSDR?
I’m quite newbe with Altera’s FPGAs and tools… I’m probably asking a stupid question
so, thank you for you pacience!!!

Hi @nemo,

You should use Lite Edition which is free. Standard Edition it is not.

Thank you, Zack!!!