FM transmit with LimeSDR Mini

I’m having problem with FM transmit using LimeSDR mini. I found so many blog post and youtube videos using Hackrf/USRP for FM transmit under GnuRadio platform. I’ve tried the same but no success…

this is my Simple Lime FM_Transmitter

I used GQRX for receiver with another LimeSDR mini but I can’t hear any sound except noise.

Something is not working correctly from transmitter side, I guess. Can anyone please help me to find the transmitter issue?

This works for me. If you set the “Corner Freq” to 500, “Interpolation” to 2e6 and "decimation"to 96k yours should work. You are not getting the sample rate correct.

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Awesome…It worked :smiley:

Thanks so much for your suggestions…It really helped me to understand how things work. I did another additional change in LimeSDR Sink block. I set calibration BW=0 to turn it off. The sound quality is perfect now on receiver side…
On to my next project now :slight_smile: Thanks again :pray:t2: