FIXED: Problems flashing firmware

Hello, I’m working on a side project to enable triggered data capture with the LimeSDR USB, and have come up with a custom FPGA firmware for that purpose. However, I have encountered some issues with trying to load the configuration file to device flash. Lime Suite reports that everything loads correctly, but on a system reset the device reports a gateware version of 0.0 and Lime Suite can’t properly communicate with the FPGA registers or MCU.

I get this behavior no matter whether I try to load my own custom firmware or the original manufacturer firmwares available from . Selecting the “Automatic” update correctly configures the device, though, and I can use it as normal after that.

I’m using the v1.4 hardware, and Lime Suite version 17.10.0 . Is there something I’ve missed as far as correctly flashing the firmware, or is there some bug that I’ve encountered with the programming software?


EDIT: After fiddling around a bit more, I downloaded the latest Lime Suite release via Pothos, and that version seems to work just fine. So if anybody else encounters something similar, consider updating software. I don’t know if that was a known bug or otherwise, but I’m no longer encountering that issue with the new version.