Fast GPIO access

Hi all,

When accessing the GPIO through SoapySDR, it seems to be taking around 250µs for a call like writeGPIODir or writeGPIO.

Is this normal and should a different approach be used if one wants to react faster?

Is anyone using the GPIO at faster speeds somehow?

You could try using Lime Suite directly.

Thanks Andrew for the advice. I’m not seeing much difference though. At least it means there’s no noticeable overhead when using the SoapySDR API.

I guess I’ll try to use some Arduino or Raspberry Pi to control the GPIO, to see if I can drive it faster.

So this thread is about transferring samples, but I wonder if there is anything in here which might point to a potential solution:

E.g. some protocol buffering that could be shrunk to reduce latency.

That’s interesting thanks, maybe not directly related to the GPIO but it might be useful indeed to bring down latency when receiving samples.