Fairwaves XTRX Rev. 4 use with new gateware and Lime Suite NG

@ricardas sorry to annoy you with this. There is a large XTRX rev.4 userbase (myself included), and I am trying to forward the cause by willing to test the new GW on these units.

Theoretically, the only difference between Lime XTRX and the old rev.4 boards is the SoC’s memory. I tried to get some answers before about what would happen, if I just load the new GW on the old rev.4 board and try to use low bw (5-10MHz) and/or using only 1T/1R instead of MIMO. Is there a chance for it to work? But more importantly: if the new GW is unstable, can I reprogram the old GW via the USB interface? I am willing to try it out, but rather not permanently brick my rev.4 boards :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I’ve split this off to a new topic, as it has nothing to do with officially supported hardware.

As you know, we will commit to supporting Fairwaves XTRX Rev. 5, along with LimeSDR XTRX boards. However, we cannot support Fairwaves Rev. 4 and earlier, and this includes providing support to people who want to experiment and perhaps try to backport the gateware to earlier boards.

All I can suggest is that you find someone who has FPGA development experience who could look into this for you.